In March 2006, PNC Bank in March 2006, the investor of Military Channel was given to court by Paul Bariteau. Bariteau claimed that PNC allows the Military Channel President to attract millions of dollars from the company for personal use.

In June 2003, PNC Bank agreed to pay $ 115 million to meet the federal securities fraud costs after transferring $ 762 million of its subsidiaries to an AIG organization to hide $ 762 million to an AIG organization to hide the investors from investors.

In 2017, PNC agreed to pay 16 million dollars to solve the demands of credit officers regarding their overtime charges within the scope of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

According to a case, St. The funds entrusted to National Prearranged Services (NPS) is transferred to the National PrEarranged Services (NPS) company based on Louis, the funds were transferred to another location and embezzled. The PNC Bank is the Allegiant Bank, which serves as a Trustee to NPS from 1998 to 2004. A jury in 2015 commands the PNC to pay $ 391 million. In 2017 a federal judge has broken the decision.

In 2015, PNC was one of the 22 companies that breaches the description requirements of municipal bonds, which are unable to disclose late financial reports of issuers. A fine of $ 500,000.

PNC sponsored various initiatives to improve cultural activities and art of education, health and human services. These include “PNC growing great”, dedicated to early childhood development, “PNC Foundation” and community development investments.

Since 1984, the PNC compiled the Christmas Price Index, a funny economic indicator that predicts the prices of the items in the “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song.

George Lakey Led Earth Quaker Action Team claimed PNC in March 2010 to give up the Mountain Summit mining projects. Quakers were informally sensitive to the investments of PNC as it is memorized as “The Quaker Bank”. Provident Life & Trust Company was installed by Quakers. After ignoring bank demands, Eqat began protesting. In September 29, 2010, Eqat, some Swarthmore College students, Rainforest Action Network and Reverend Billy and Church of Stop in Washington, along with a small mountain in a PNC bank in the Washington DC. The police arrested the leader George Lakey and the other three people. “In October 2010, PNC announces that he will stop lending to companies that obtain more than 50% of the mountain by the mountain. However, none of the companies of the PNC did not produce such coal through the mountain peak lifting and therefore did not represent new policy changes. Your bank Shortly after his new commitment, PNC gave money to Massey Energy, a company that is responsible for the poor security conditions that lead to the death of a miner in April 2009. PNC’s ineffective policy has not satisfied with Eqat 17 December 2010 The protest has held. The protesters have told Christmas songs while delivering coal stockings to a PNC bank in Media in Pennsylvania. “

Students in Temple University and Swarthmore College have organized sitting actions to protest the bank, and then the EQAT protested the PNC by making Quaker-style worship (sitting quietly until speaking until speaking) during the shareholders meeting in the DC “At the end of the meeting, Activists CEO James ROHR A framed picture of the Appalachian Mountains and given a gift bag containing a booklet on the dangers of removing the top of the mountain. “

Over time the protests have become increasingly detailed and creative. September 22, 2011, Eqat blamed the PNC to the “green bank rhinestone” and held a hearing in the PNC lobby. After two weeks, they arranged a “death” with the activists from the Occupy Philadelphia, which the protesters behave in the ground of a PNC bank. December 6, 2011, police arrested five Eqat members for building windmills (a clean alternative to coal) at the center of PNC in the city center. In February 2012, Eqat persuaded the various Quaker groups of about two million dollars (over three million, then out of three million), and in April of the year, Eqat protested by dancing in Bluegrass music with students from various colleges. Pennsylvania University PNC Campus Branch. April 30, 2012, EQAT members started a 200 miles walk from Philadelphia to PNC Bank headquarters in Pittsburgh. Eqat has arranged a series of protests in PNC branches along the road. In October 2012, Activist students began to apply to PNC bank managers and asked them to drink well water from affected communities in Appalachia.

In March 14, 2013, EQAT members have started to fast out a bulk 40-day fasting (all members did not fast out the whole time) and their fasting in public via social media. During fasting, Philadelphia Congress Assembly from PNC J. Wi

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