The results of this process, on the one hand developing and growing accumulation of capital as an excuse for a new political and economic expansion of German capital in Turkey “areas of interest”; On the other hand (as it can be seen in becoming economically more connected to the Turkish State of Europe), the rapid disintegration of the Asian-style agricultural economy with the state’s hand, the basis of the iron and goods on the basis of the absorption of the demolition and the blood of the blood “(Rosa Luxemburg, Die Akkumulation des capitals , P. 360, Capital Accumulation, Document Publications, Istanbul, 2004).

One of the basic rules of capitalist production is that human employment is used as a means for the creation of profit. The relationships from individual relations make the worker a production factor in this process. This process is desired to minimize all expenses that will affect the profit in this process and profit in this process. The relationship of the capital laid out with the profit rate ie the height of the profit rate is significantly dependent on relations in production; From here, the desire to decrease the fees and to increase efficiency, appears to be taken. Thus, the social character of the capitalist production occurs. His humanity in some welfare states is always and only the result of social conflicts and struggles.

The Congo colony occurred at the drawing table of the European diplomacy that connects the sharing between African European forces in the Berlin Conference in 1884. The heart of Africa was up to 1908 Belgium King Leopold, then he was managed by the state. The primitive accumulation policy, which has emerged herein, it is observed that it is propelled on the present application.

In 1885, all soils in 1885 were declared that the state has confiscated the state; Seven years later, the soils were called the private occupation area of ​​the king (domaine prive) and the terrains were converted to the land where firms are concessive. Domaine was run directly by the king; The rubber and the elephant female trade formed the waist bone of the economy. Their incomes were the financing of the colonial state device. Of course, of course, the established population was required to be included in the colonial economy. This found Vehu in the way of calculating work taxes over 40 hours per month. From this, it is understood that the rubber demand increases in the industry countries with the start of the motor. The responsible colonial officers have freedom to meet the need for raw material growing wildly. The officers were inhaled with the idea that the rise of domestic raw material quota will bring as economic input to them.

Relationships in the exploitation of the privileged partnerships were further wild. The legal legislation of tax assignment and the chore work would determine firms. The mineral furnaces of the Catan G a region were in the world market the third largest seller in the world market. The business was controlled by the Belgian Finance Group Société Generale for the Mining Companies, which is connected to their company activities. The same, Unilever Konzern was also valid for the agricultural economy to ensure the position of the world market. The job more interested here is the provision of the solution of the problem via mandatory assignments.

Working collection methods bring their separation from other columns to a small difference. White agencies were going to villages with the possibilities to apply for great promises, gifts and compulsory labor force. The people in here were then to be run in the mountains or fields during a certain contract.

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