Because in the Military Security of the US worldwide activity, different economic sectors were also required to provide profit from here. The demolition of the Soviet Union facilitated the change of temporary mindset; A low military engagement seemed acceptable; At the same time, finance speculations and the new miracle children accompanied by the new miracle children, information technology had heated a new age of capitalism; So propaganda was such. In fact, it was the first of 1941, the demonstration industry forced to reform. With the explosion of financial bubbles, information technology was only an auxiliary sector, but in no way the understanding of the new economy is not seen as the basis of the new economy was incidental in the same period. The military industrial complex moved towards a central platform to hit the engine of the conjuncture engine. This time, of course, the US Management course worked well; The new foreign policy of the Bush administration included the interests of other economic groups into their own political operations. This topic is the subject of discussions in Vvashington.

The long cold war process was the golden age for the US Weapon Industry. It was seen that the demand to the military market was after the demolition of the Soviet Union. The military industrial complex has now proved to have strategic abilities. Temporarily started a period that the extreme armament policy of the Reagan will bring a full gain as it is in the period of Reagan. At the beginning of the 90s companies could not get their old earnings: The sector had entered a medium term crisis. As in other sectors, the number of enterprises in the number of enterprises has experienced: The number of companies with 120 thousand fell by 40%. They lost their jobs of 1.2 million from 3.6 million workers in the sector. This consolidation was necessary but was not enough. Clinton administration revealed a way to exit the crisis in 1993 in 1993 in 1993: Weapon industry will continue to production by experiencing new roads in the management of expense of expense, and in contrast to companies will provide financial support to companies. This supported orders would be given plus a hike. In other words, the state was trying to provide a financially equality in collective colliations and closing workplaces: utterance in the vocational language “Payoffs for Layoffs (payments made in return)”.

For this reason, a wave of merger was emerging. At the end of this wave, the small residues of the arms were left behind: Boeing-McDonnell Dougla, Lockheed- Martin Marietta, Raythe-on-Hughes-Ceneral Dynamics- Texas Insturments and Northorp Grumman collected the three-fourth section of the share of the Arth of Northorp Grumman. The state also offered additional aid to them. Export conditions have been facilitated for high technology weapon systems. Thus, states other than the states under the US state system have also been able to benefit from the most modern battle planes and other equipment. The order books of the gun industry began to re-fill. This situation was developing within the framework of security policies. Because the United States reduces the distance on military technical supremacy; Other states were extremely armed and financing this was done with tax revenues in the United States.

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